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When anyone visits this site, you will see that it will take less than 2 minutes and a friendly chat assistant will suddenly pop up and be there for you and help with any questions, from early morning to late evening, there was always somebody online to answer me. I really felt treated like a friend. Great people and good products for a reasonable price. They also delivered within promised time. 10 out of 10.

Kenneth from Sweden

Go1337 did great work and they deliver at a fair price and within the promised time. They are honest and trustworthy. I recommend go1337 to anyone who needs a smurf account or, as in my case have been getting one to many of those 7-day bans. Now I have a backup account that I do not have to spent hundreds of hours to rank up and just continue to play with my friends on my real rank, like a boss. I highly recommend Go1337’s services.

Jamie from Nederlands

Go1337 did deliver fast, They were out of stock on new LEM accounts with a waiting time of at least 1 day, so I asked if they had any preowned ones and boom they delivered a great LEM with over 1k hours on it, several operation coins and service medals, I had it within 3 hours. They are honest, fast and trustworthy. I recommend them to anyone who needs both preowned and new cs go smurf accounts.

Andreas from Denmark

I was a gold nova player and used Go1337 to buy Global Elite account. It is simply a priceless experience to start playing with globals and learning from them as a gold nova. I sure can tell you that it was not easy and for sure was a mixture of positive and negative moments. However, I can tell you that it was totally worth every single match. Because after some tens of matches of solo queuing and deranking from Global Elite to Legendary Eagle and then ranking up to Legendary Eagle Master on my own. I can tell that I learned a lot more from those very skilled and team oriented players on higher ranks in that short time, then throughout several hundreds of matches with low rank players. Big shout out to crew of go1337 for that possibility.

Joseph from Germany

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